Gavin + Puberty= Creepy

Puberty has struck our household in the form of Gavin. He has been let’s say, “sexually aggressive” for the past year or so. He goes out of his way to touch, grab or grope. Male or female it doesn’t seem to matter. He struggles with boundaries. He can be very driven to do or get whatever he may want.

So now he has these “feelings” and apparently seeks to explore them with no regard for other people. His doctors have said we have to be very careful with him because he already has no boundaries.

The latest “incident” was the other day when Lizze picked him up from school. She was talking to his teacher and Gavin went under her (Lizze’s) arm and was rubbing his face all over her chest. Both Lizze and his teacher were horrified. She pushed him away and told him no. Our fear is that he will do this to someone and really get into trouble. We have discussed this with the school so they are aware. We are not leaving him alone with any of the kids for fear of what might happen. He has been caught sneaking into Elliott Richard’s room to “kiss him goodnight properly”.
We are both really creeped out by this behavior.

His doctors have told us to pull him aside the moment it happens and lay into him about it. We tell him we know what he is doing and we will not allow this behavior. We have to embarrass him if necessary to deter this behavior because it so serious. When he gets older he will go to jail for these behaviors. We have a small window to quash this behaviors.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Give him a Fleshlight?

No, I don't see anything wrong with what I just said.

Lost and Tired

Ok then.


Thank you for your comment on my blog.
People who do not have kids with disabilities, especially autism, have no clue what we parents have to go through, especially you with your son's sexual interests. It must be so frustrating for you, but I am sure it is just your son's hormones working overtime and he does not have the control to keep them socially appropriate. My 15 year old is similar. He regularly goes up to women he knows and will hug and kiss them, sometimes with his hands just brushing the breast area. The general affection was cute when he was 3, not so cute when he is 15. In his mind, he is still 3 years old, but has the urges of a teenager!
Lindsey Petersen


I'm unaware how your state's services work, and what's available, but do you have counseling provided through the school available? Because of our son's dual diagnosis, he get's county mental health services at his school that come in the form of weekly counseling sessions. We have had the horror of the behavior your describing above and then some. Once this behavior emerged, it became our main concern and priority (cause we felt laying into was going in one ear, and out the other) and utilized his therapy sessions for that sole purpose; quashing the sexual behavior. This is a huge situation, and certainly, we've felt your pain (and fear) with this type of behavior. We honestly didn't think the therapy was going to be effective, and that we were destined for something to happen (which actually did result in a cps investigation, but luckily because it was well documented, resulted in no charges), but it has helped "satiate" the behavior for now. It's a thought that may or may not help your situation.

Midnight Sushi

Thank you for your Blog and Tweets. I have 2 (very different ) ASD family members. We are lucky that we don't have as many difficulties – you really have your hands full – but everyone and every family have their own share. I wish you good luck with yours. Please keep up the blog (and leave my name off). Thank you!

Lost and Tired

Thanks for your reply. I don't understand what you mean by keeping your name off.