Lizze’s migraine

As I have mentioned before Lizze suffers from migraines. She has migraines almost daily. Meds don’t work to prevent or treat them either. She just got back from her new neurologist she has through pain management and he is categorizing her as basicly disabled. She is having an MRI in 2 weeks to rule out a tumor but her cat scans have always been clear. This may be related to the fibro.

I guess when you have migraines for more then 14 days out of the month and they don’t respond to meds it’s considered disabling. I didn’t realize that. I knew it was bad but not that bad. He has also striped her diet of anything with tyramine ( I think that’s what it was) in it. My mom is on the gluten free diet cause she has celiac and this appears worse then that. I didn’t expect this. I thought maybe they would increase her Topamax or something. Good thing we haven’t gone shopping yet.


Rob Gorski

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I'm so sorry I suffer from migraines but nothing that extreme a few a month not everyday though. I hope she is able to get comfort from something.


So what foods does this elimenate?? Guess that means her chocolate & coke are also out? Yuck! Thinking of both of you!!!

Your non-Annon friend who loves and supports you BOTH outloud 😉