Good day at school for Gavin…..

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Gavin had a pretty good day at school today. Which is really good. We are still struggling at home though. He straight up ignores Elliott Richard when he is talking to him. Gavin has been acting really weird (more than normal). I really think we need to move to different meds. Maybe there is something to pulling him completely off and see what happens. We have done that before and it wasn’t pretty so maybe that’s a bad idea..

Gavin is at the point now where he doesn’t make any sense sometimes when talking. He is also really, really lacking the brain mouth filter anymore. The things that come out of is mouth never ceases to amaze, embarrass or down right horrify me. He always manages to say the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune times. Luckily we never go anywhere so he doesn’t make to many public appearances right now.


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Lost and Tired

Not yet. We have to give him through the end of this week, If no change then we will be switching. I'm pretty nerv aout switching this time though. This is a really hardcore med.


Did he start on the lithium yet? I was just wondering. I know that was mentioned for Matthew as something to consider in the future if the other mood stabilizing medication stop working.

Glad Gavin had a good day at school. Just got Matthew's daily report. He seems to do awesome in the morning. Then just gradually spirals downward by the end of the afternoon. As far as home………..pins and needles still.

I appreciate your updates.