Mentally preparing for today.

Mentally preparing for today.

In 2 hours Emmett John will begin his evaluation for autism. Up to this point it has all been speculation so we really didn’t have anything to deal with emotionally. After today however, things will be made much more real. As much as I try I just don’t see us coming out the other side of the tunnel without a diagnosis somewhere on the spectrum.

The more we watch Emmett John the more it appears to be spectrum related. He smells everything, food and non-food items. The fits and the inability to talk are big ones also. As a father I just want him to be ok. As father that has been through hell and back over the past 10 years with Gavin, I want to put a name to what this is so we know how to attack it. I want Emmett John to have a fighting chance at life. I have been sick to my stomach all day anticipating this afternoon.

I have been cleaning the house and mopping the floors. All of which it pointless but it expends my nervous energy. Lizze’s new medical news from earlier hasn’t even hit me yet. I’m sure it will after they are gone today and I can sit down and breathe.

Unfortunately, I’ll be missing most of the evaluation because I have to pick up Gavin from school. Lizze is very good with this kind of thing so everything will be ok.


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Hey guys ! I just wrote you a pretty long message then deleted it by accident ! dont you hate that ! anyway – i guess this link was the thing i was working up too so just check it out. We've had our on on the gfcf diet now for 3wks and he is now saying mama and papa – He is nearly 3 and was non-verbal (well, no eligible words) before the diet. worth a try.


Having a name is like having a face…. it's easier to recognize and deal with. Love you guys and know that eval will go smoothly. Just tell Lizze not to fall asleep 😉 >big hugs to both<

Lost and Tired

You are so right. Thanks again and take care of yourself.

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