The aftermath

Well today has come and gone. I’m sitting in my clean house playing borderlands on the computer I built. Everyone is sleeping, just me and Maggie (my staffy) hanging out on the couch.

The help me grow people were very nice. Emmett John will probably be referred to the autism clinic. He did very well and they enjoyed their time with him. She comes back on Monday for more paperwork cause she didn’t want to overwhelm us.

I don’t think my family really takes this seriously or are simply in denial because I haven’t heard from anyone today. Not one person called to see how it went. These kinds of things contribute to the feeling of isolation. Only another “autistic” parent would understand what today was like for us. With the exception of our very pregnant friend Nikky and her beautiful family.

I just don’t know how I feel about today. I know I feel sick because it’s obvious that Emmett John is at least developmentally delayed. On the positive side our “case worker” if you will, is going to work on getting us waivers in order to replace our fence and then enclose the entire property in order to give the kids a safe place to play without the idiots across the street saying disgusting things about them. That would be a big relief anyway.

Well back to Borderlands and I have a few promises to keep for Elliott Richard tonight.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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It is amazing how alone you tend to feel. Deb and me have come to the realization that in general, out of sight ,out of mind seems to work best for most family and friends.Truth be told, i really don't think most people want to be "bothered" by such problems because that would bring them down to see what life is like with autism.If i sound bitter, i guess i am, since i would do anything for anybody and that way of thinking pisses me off.I've just gotten to the point that i am certain that nobody really gives a shit about my families situation, so don't even bother me with your piddly assed problems(car broke,moving,etc) because i screen my calls and i will let you talk to my answering machine…..i'm sure i'll get right back to ya….not!! Sorry if this is all negetive, but thats how it seems to go anymore.And for the saying that God won't give you more than you can handle, i think thats a crock too. You guys do great without any help, and i'm sure with more then one autistic child, its gotta be extremely rough, but hang in there, our kids need us more then ever…..obviously, they have nobody else……..

Lost and Tired

We really do have so much in common. I think you are absolutely correct. Very well put. Nice to have another male perspective on here (not that there was anything wrong with female perspective just a different take on things). Thanks for stopping by. Deb was saying Marc is manic right now. Gavin is also so I feel your pain.



I think we are in a minority where families dont give a crap.

mine don't either. its almost as if we are too much trouble/bother.

That sucks does'nt it.

hey, what does'nt break you makes you stronger.

Lost and Tired

I didn't mean to insinuate that my family doesn't care. They just don't understand what it's like. So it can feel like they don't care at times.


I can't believe how mean people can be!!! I am referring to the awful people accross the street calling your kids names. How do you keep from stringing those people all up by their toes? I am so sorry that such mean people live right accross the street from you. It only makes me want to run accross my own street and give my neighbors a big hug. It also helps that they have a grown son with autism.

I know that feeling of isolation is painful but just know you have a family of people reading your blogs that get it. And like many say, we wish we lived closer. As far as you saying you dont' know if you are taking the situation with too Emmett John seriously……I completely undrestand that. I don't think its denile you are going through. SOunds like you just feel kind of numb. Its that survival thing that kicks in when you are going through so much crap that its unbearable to think that anything more can be thrown at you……then WAM! I call those moment of mine as being on auto-pilot. Just surviving but not sure how. I cannot even remember much of my day when I am on auto-pilot. I pray for your family and other families like ours every night. Again, thanks for always keeping us posted. I need to start blogging more frequently.


Lost and Tired

I have some really nice neighbors and some not so nice ones. We are actually looking at moving if we can but who knows.

I meant to say that I don't think my family takes this seriously. No one called to see how it went or how we were holding up. But you were right anyway because I have become kinda numb to everything right now. I think it's like self preservation on a very basic level.

Also you are right. You should blog more 🙂 We are always wondering how things are going for you guys.
You are in our prayers as well. Thanks again 🙂


I'm glad she was nice and it sounds like she took into consideration the immense stress you are under. (I'm also glad I don't have to hop on a plane or a broom 😉 – although I'd love to see you guys!)