Autism, Emmett John and Heartbreak -

Autism, Emmett John and Heartbreak

We have been trying to deal with quiet a bit. By far for me right now Emmett John is the toughest. I want so badly to be able to talk to him and know he understands. I want to know what he’s thinking and feeling. He seems so angry and frustrated and there is very little if anything we can do to help him. To make things even worse Elliott Richard really takes the brunt of his frustrations on a daily basis.

Neither one of them deserve this. There is nothing more heartbreaking then to watch your children suffer and not be able to do anything to make it better. Emmett John still doesn’t talk so he really has no way to communicate with us or anyone for that matter. We can only guess what he needs or wants. We don’t know why he wakes up every night screaming and we are unable to console him. Is he in pain or scared? Was it a bad dream or something else?

Because he can’t talk we have no way of knowing what’s bothering him. It’s a truly helpless feeling. I just don’t know what to with all of this. There is so much going on right now in our lives revolving around Gavin, Emmett John and Lizze due to their health related issues. It’s hard to focus on anything else anymore.


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