A better tomorrow

Gavin and Emmett John both had pretty tough days. Elliott Richard was pretty much along for the ride. Gavin ended up with oatmeal for dinner (which is actually an MST technique). The oatmeal for anyone who thinks it’s cruel or mean is used as a consequence for certain behaviors that must be discouraged. Behaviors such as violence and inappropriate touching. These behaviors will get him in lots of trouble as he gets older. We love him and we don’t want him to have that happen so his doctors have said it’s extremely important that we deal with it now.
Oatmeal is very healthy for you. He simply doesn’t like it without sugar. So he gets a bowl of plain oatmeal. It’s the only thing we have left to discourage these behaviors. We carefully choose when to use it cause it won’t work forever. Typically all we have to do is mention it and that’s enough.

Gavin went to bed in a bad mood but before he that he said he thinks tomorrow will be a better day. I’m always impressed when he says this. We tell him this all the time, especially of his really bad days. We want him to know that everyday is a new beginning and we should use it to learn from our mistakes and be the best we can be.

It’s nice to hear these little statements from him. It show that sometimes he is actually listening. He may not understand what it means but he’s listening.


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I don't think having him eat oatmeal is cruel at all! If it worked for Matthew, I would do it in a second! Heck, I'd make him sleep in it if it meant it would discourage his negative behavior. Its a good sign that it works for Gavin. Matthew's consequence for bad behavior is that he is not allowed to play with the cats, which he loves. It doesn't really diminish the behavior by any means at all. Its something we do as fairness to his older brother where taking away privelidges works for Alec.