Gavin's off to school -

Gavin’s off to school

Well Gavin is off to school. He had a bit of attitude this morning but nothing to major. The biggest issue we had was the fact that he seems to ignore us in favor of the TV. It’s actually pretty extreme because you almost have to get a gew inches from his face to talk to him or he won’t notice.

He was excited for breakfast at school today. Hopefully a good day for him.

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Matthew is like that. In Matt’s case, he isn’t intentionally ignoring us. He just can’t shift his focus from the tv unless I physically place my hands on the sides of his head and turn it towards me. Then I am able to get his attention and he looks at me like, “Oh, did you say something, mom?”

Lost and Tired

Hey Mandi,

So it’s not just me πŸ˜‰
I am glad that Matt is doing better. Still waiting for the update ;). Have a great night.


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