The more I think about what’s going on with Gavin the more I am wondering if he’s not just regressing again. We have experienced a few regressive phases in the past few years. In the past when they have hit they seem to effect some random part of Gavin’s abilities. For example he has been brushing his own teeth for many years then all of a sudden he can’t do it with out making a HUGE mess. Then he will walk out of the bathroom with toothpaste all over his face. Sometimes he will regain the ability after some time and practice.

The big issue is whether or not this is really happening or is he just playing us and exercising control in the only way he knows how to. Sometimes I really wonder because it’s never the same thing. It always seems to be some random aspect of his life that he can no longer manage on his own.

Right now the huge issue is hygiene. He did really well for a while the all of a sudden he started using his shirts as a tissue. No matter how many times we remind him he still does it. He seems to forget within seconds of us reminding him. This phase has been going on all school year and he is destroying all his clothes.

How are you supposed to know what he can and cannot do when it seems to be constantly changing. This is one of the reasons he is such a complicated case. He floats on the spectrum instead of just being on the spectrum. If that even makes sense. It’s so incredibly frustrating when he can’t follow one or two step tasks.

I wish talking burned more calories because I would be in awesome shape with as often as we are repeating ourselves.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Wow, do I know what you're going through. It's frustrating, confusing, maddening and heartbreaking all at once. My son experiences periodic regressions and they tend to turn my world upside down.

The first few times it happened I all but lost my mind. I called emergency meetings with his teachers, therapists, and caseworkers. I read endlessly to try and figure it all out. I went to support groups and cried. Finally, an early ed specialist told me this was just gonna happen, I should expect it. Then she told me that these regressions are usually followed by total recovery and new skill mastery. So far, she's been right.

I know where you're at. Right down to not knowing if it's just his way of exerting independence.

Hang in there!

Lost and Tired

Thanks for sharing your story. I feel your pain. Gavin has gone through a few times now. Sometimes he just snaps back and sometimes he has to almost relearn. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Sometimes the only thing we can do is talk about it.