Monday is finally over.... -

Monday is finally over….

Monday is almost over. Gavin wasn’t feeling well last night do he stayed home. He didn’t have any meltdowns but was in manipulation mode all day. He was driving me crazy. I know some of you out there understand what I’m talking about. I was just constant, this or that. It just wore on me, especially since I didn’t get to go to bed till 6am this morning. ER is having nightmares almost every night now. He says something about Zombies and that’s all I can get from him.

They only thing I can think of with Zombies is that insanely addictive game “Plants vs Zombies”. There isn’t anything scary in the game and we haven’t played it in months. There was a Garfield movie on Netflix the other day that had “sorta” Zombies. Anyway he is defiantly struggling at night right now. Dr. Patti says it’s anxiety from all that is going on.

I have decided last night that if I can’t fix some of these things then I can at least try to make the house more comfortable. So I’m going to try some things like replacing the couches that cause me to much pain to sit on due to the lack of support. We can get then used at the local Restore. For pretty cheap. I want to start doing things like that just to try to improve the quality of life just a bit. Maybe take the edge off. The new couches will really help me because the ones we have are not good for my back at all. If I’m in less pain then I can do more. I told Lizze I want to get some of this started by the middle or end of June.

I’m also going to more aggressively seek out new business. I haven’t wanted to take on a whole lot right now but I want to accomplish some things this year and need the extra funds to do it. So if you need your computer repaired and your in the area look me up 🙂

ER has already been up half a dozen times so I’m going to try get some sleep.
I’ll try to start posting more since I’ve been slacking the past few days.


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