I don’t know what’s going on with Gavin. He just doesn’t let up. He doesn’t seem to be able to listen. He has really lost the ability to retain things. We have to constantly be on him about everything. I feel bad because it feels like we need to cut him some slack but I don’t know that we should.

For example: Tonight Gavin wanted a cookie my mom had brought over. We told him after dinner. He ate dinner and wanted the cookie. We said wait a minute and we’ll get it for you. He then went into the kitchen and took what he wanted. When we stopped him he said he thought we told him to. We were very clear in our instructions to wait and we would get it for him.

Because he didn’t listen he didn’t get his cookie. He was upset but it’s got to be this way. These kinds of things are happening more and more often. Is he just making bad choices or is this out of his control? He seems to have the short term memory of a goldfish. I mean no disrespect to Gavin but that’s what it’s like. He can’t seem to do the simplest tasks any more.

He also seems to be trying to “connect” with us. It’s quite strange and awkward. He just won’t stop talking. Honestly, it’s very uncomfortable. He’s seems to really be trying to engage but he’s cramming everything down our throats. He won’t stop talking, ever. Maybe he’s manic? Who knows. He just wears on me. I wish I didn’t feel this way but I do. Part of the problem for me is I don’t know where he is coming from with any of this. Is he sincere? Is he playing us? These are valid questions because he has a very long history of manipulation. I’m so tired and I just want tomorrow to be easier.


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The excessive chatter coupled with short term memory (or essentially racing thoughts that interfere with one's ability to focus) does sound a lot like a maniac cycle beginning. We have found, aside from season change, that times off from school have a tendency to make jr. cycle. Home, no matter how hard you try, just can't match the structure that school provides and we suspect that it's enough to throw him off to the extent of a cycle. We've been lucky this year in that when his last cycle started, we were able to just do some minor med adjustments, and prevent yet another hospital stay. Might want to mention to your doctor what your seeing in him right now, and see what he suggests before the mania turns into full blown aggression.

Lost and Tired

You are probably right. He also isn't falling asleep like he used to. You are also about it turning into aggression. We also have to worry about the "voices" coming back. Typically this also means we are heading for a psychotic break. We have a call in to the doctors.

Thanks again.