Autism and Accountability

Accountability. I touch on the gap between the emotional and physical age of Gavin in my last post. One of the things we struggle with as special needs parents is accountability. With a child like Gavin, how do you hold them accountable? Gavin is physically 10 years old and into puberty. However, Gavin’s emotional age is that of a 2 year old. What is his true age? Do we treat him like a 10 year old or do we treat him like a 2 year old?

When he does something wrong do we hold him to the standards of a 10 year old (keeping in mind his Autism ect). Would that be like holding Emmett John (who is actually 2 years old) to the same standards as a 10 year old? Is that even fair?

I really don’t know what we are supposed to do when there is such a big gap in his development? What do you do with your child? Is there a gap in their development as well?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Very tough question….can you give me an easier one please??,lol.Seriously Rob, if i'm in your situation, i'd have to fly by the seat of my pants. In no way could you ever be fair and consistant with what you have going on in your family.You are very educated on the subject and i'm sure you are doing all you can, just remember that you aren't perfect and you are going to make some mistakes along the way, all you can do is try your best and know that you are there for your family, which speak volumns itself.You are raising those kids with very much love and understanding, so with that,i'll say you're doing great.