How do you choose?

How do you choose between you children? Where do you draw the line? At what point do you put the safety and emotional welfare of the rest of the family over the ability to keep everyone together? Once the decision is made how do you live with yourself?

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Lost and Tired

You're correct (as usual). It would be for medical stabilization. He really needs to be placed into a static environment where he along with his meds can be monitored 24 hrs a day. We need to start from scratch and have everything re-evaluated without the outside stimulus of things in his life. We need to figure out whats what.

We need to confirm childhood schizophrenia or disprove it. We need to figure out what is going on and why. We are not qualified to give him what he needs at this point. Dr. R is afraid that we might be dealing with physical brain damage do a his botched delivery where he suffered head trauma.

The only way we are going to figure any of this stuff out is place him somewhere for medical stabilization. The time frame is unknown but when we were here before they were talking months of in patient care.


Ugg! to all of the above. However – I am glad it would just be for medical stabilization 🙂 even if that is an "elusive light at the end of the tunnel".

Another question (boy I'm full of em this am lol) would this not also give you the opportunity to get an idea of his stimulation triggers? if he is acclimated to a static enviroment it would seem (to me) to be a good time to also figure those out – to hopefully benefit you when he's home….. as always 🙂 just a rambling thought from me…


Rob – I agree with Debbie that this is only a decision that you two can make. And please know that the people who have loved and supported you both regardless of what has gone on – will continue to do just that.

I hope this doesn't come off as snarky or insensitive to others – and I know that YOU know I say/ask this with all the love in my heart. (Lizze knows that too). IF you make the decision to place Gavin somewhere – would it just be for medication stablization? I would think that to have a long term assumption that he will be placed somewhere at the age of 10 permanently is not the way to go (obviously due to his changing needs). You need to do what you need to, to ensure the survival of ALL your family. Perhaps if the need to place Gavin (if only for medication stabilization) is now it will provide you both with a respite to "recharge" and gain a new perspective from where you are now.

Please pardon the obvious spelling mistakes 🙂 And agian – please know that I love ALL of the Cheerio household and want nothing for the best of ALL of you. I just wish I was there to sit with you for support while you make this decision and to be there AFTERwards too. I'm there in spirit and only a phone call away.


Where are ya'll?

Lost and Tired

We are in Ohio.


Rob, That is only a decision that you and Liz can make. I can only imagine how difficult it would be. Luckly when Marc gets mean he can only take it out on his dad and I. You do have the younger ones to think about. I suspect there is only so much you and Liz can handle too. There is so much that goes into a decision like this. I know you have mentioned this before. What does Dr. R say?? We are here for your family and send all our prayers. Love you guys