Oatmeal it is then

Gavin has been “talking” to Elliott Richard again. This time he told ER that he used to have a cat but it died. Then went on to tell ER that the cat was in his room and 2 dogs came in and ripped it to pieces. This never happened. We had a cat that died following a lightening strike but that’s it.

Needless to say ER is quiet upset by this. We continue to have this very same problem. Gavin just can’t keep his mouth shut sometimes. I swear he has to be doing this on purpose. Maybe he’s getting some weird payoff by doing this. Maybe he’s resentful towards ER for having more freedom.

Either way this will not be tolerated. Gavin will be having oatmeal for lunch. I know he has a lot on his plate but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour. He has to accountable for his actions and sense oatmeal is all we have, then be it.

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Rob Gorski

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