The Midwest Represented in The Middle

Posted by Dorian Compton

The Middle is a comedy show that I enjoy on Direct TV hd programming. It tells the story of a middle class family living in the Midwest region of the Unites States and facing the usual problems that a family usually would. This includes children trying to become their own person, relatives that constantly inconvenience the family and all the comedy in between.

The Middle began airing on ABC in September 2009. The father, Mike Heck lost his job but now manages a quarry and his wife Frankie works as a not-so-successful car salesperson as she lost her dental assistant job. They have three children; Axle, the eldest is going through puberty while the only daughter, Sue, is a self-conscious girl who wears braces and is not too popular in school. The last born, Brick is a smart but socially awkward child. They go through life’s hassles in a realistic way, which is why the comedy relates to many people’s situations. One of the salespeople that work with Frankie is former Saturday Night Live star, Chris Kattan.

My favorite character is Frankie, who is the typical wife that will not only work long hours, but will have to cook and clean for her family. She usually sacrifices a lot in order to please her family but the story is told in such a comedic way and that is why it is a fun watch.

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