I need your help.

I need your help.

Times are pretty tough for The Lost and Tired family right now. As you know one of the ways I’m trying to give my wife and kids a better life is by writing for the Cleveland Examiner. I write about Autism and special needs parenting usually everyday.

These articles are intended to help educate the public as to what Autism is and how it affects the family. It has also turned into a way to help provide for my family at the same time. In order to accomplish these goals I need to try to generate traffic over to my Examiner page. I get paid based on page views. I also get paid a bit more every time someone subscribes to the RSS feed or to email updates. None of these things will cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

If you like what I write please share it. You can tweet it via twitter or share it on facebook. Not only will you be helping to spread Autism Awareness but you’ll also be helping support the Lost and Tired family at same time.

Mt goal is to have 50 subscribers by my birthday on August 24, 2010. Please help me reach this goal by clicking here and subscribing.

Thank you for all your support.

Current Subscribers: 55  8/12/2010

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Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone


I passed it along. I hope some of my facebook friends help out!!


Just subscribed. As a fellow Asperger's parent, I really enjoy reading your interesting, exciting, often heartbreaking entries and am proud to support your articles. 🙂


Just subscribed…thought I lost your blog updates, I used to get them daily on my email, but then you changed up the service and I wasn't getting them.. So hopefully, now I will get them. They comforted me because they made me understand that another family is going through exactly what I am going through.

In NYC, last night, a woman killed shot her 12 year old Autistic son, she then laid down next to him and killed herself. Left a note saying she was sorry and surrounded herself with happy pictures of herself and her son. I cried for what seem like hours after reading this article in the NY Daily News. By all accounts, this woman was a good mother, she was raising him as a single parent, but the child's father was also involved and he even said that she was a great mother. She had just been promoted at work and by all accounts, was an overall accomplished hardworking human being. Obviously, the stress of raising a child with Autism got to her. Some of the comments others wrote were so disparaging, calling her horrible names. Her child was only 2 years older then my Max and even though I have Max's father with me, I am still overwhelmed at times. In her suicide note, she asked God to forgive her. It is just so sad. I just kept tweeting that Parents of Special Needs Children, need support. The smallest things can bring so much relief. Just knowing someone cares, someone is interested.

Well take care Rob. Please know although our families are separated by miles, we are still in very similar places.

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone.

Dr Caroline Traa

What a wonderful blog. Good luck to you guys you have lots going on. My daughter has Autism, PANDAS, eosinophilic colitis. Biomedical interventions help lots, have you looked into this? Shall forward o. For you. Hugs to you all. Caroline x

Laurie Wallin

Good job – it's sometimes hard to ask for what we need as special needs parents since we're dealing with so much need in our kids! I've subscribed :). I've sent this out to my twitter followers too.

My blog is for parents of special needs – a place for strategies and refueling so we can be courageous in life. Check it out!

-Laurie http://livingpower.blogspot.com http://twitter.com/mylivingpower

Rose Wade

Enjoyed your articles I've read so far, Rob. Proud to subscribe. All the best to you, your family, and your articles for Examiner. 🙂

Rose Wade

Founder of The Robin Hood Lego Campaign Advocating Autism Awareness & Lego Therapy

http://www.twitter.com/RoseWade http://www.twitter.com/RHLegoCampaign

Lost and Tired

Thank you very much.


I'm a subscriber 😉

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