A tip for dealing with an Autistic child -

A tip for dealing with an Autistic child

When it comes to an Autistic child they see the world in black and white. In most cases they don’t even know the grey area exists. When talking to an Autistic child you have to remember that’s how they see the world. With that in mind you can’t use terms like “maybe” because to that child “maybe” means “for sure”.

Words like “yes” or “no” MUST be used. You never want to leave anything open ended as that WILL cause anxiety for the child. For example Gavin will ask if he can play video games. We know that he doesn’t do well with them but sometimes he is allowed depending on the situation. However, when he asks we HAVE to say NO. If he asks when we respond “Never” even though we know that won’t always be the case. He only understands definitives. If we responded something like “maybe later” or “not right now” not only would he drive us crazy asking over and over if it’s time but his anxiety level would sky rocket.

In most cases no harm is intended. However good the intentions the outcome is still a potential disaster. Autistic children really require more thought on our part then the typical child.

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