If vaccines cause Autism…..

If vaccines cause Autism…..

If vaccines cause Autism then why do kids never vaccinated develop Autism. If vaccines cause Autism then why to kids in 3rd world vaccine-less countries develop Autism. I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion but clinging to things that are scientifically disproven doesn’t help anyone.

What we know for sure is that kids are dying do to the lack of vaccinations. I have 3 Autistic kids and that is VERY RARE. I firmly believe in vaccinating and I know that vaccines played NO ROLL in my kids developing Autism. I feel good knowing I’m not putting my kids or YOUR kids at risk by withholding vaccines due to misinformed mass hysteria.

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Hi Rob,

Wew can i get information about this false correlation between vaccines and Autism?

Thanks for the help Rob


Just stumbled across your site while searching about autism and vaccines, I see you have your hands full my friend. And yeah, why do kids that were never vaccinated have Autism? Wondering about my son and why he acts how he acts. Rob, I know you are burdened beyond anything I can imagine, mentally, financially. I can give you a hand up maybe get in touch with me.

Stuart Duncan

I hear ya. It's amazing that this is still a 'debate'.

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