What do you say?

When someone asks about your child do you say “Emmett has Autism” or “Emmett is Autistic”?

I was just thinking about this while I was walking the other day. Wondering what you folks think.


  1. Ugh! Just re-read my post. Sorry for all the typos!

  2. It depends. Some people thing of autism as difference-not a disability and they may say, "My son is autistic" much the same way those who feel deafness is a cultural say "I am deaf". Others feel autism is a disability and they may say, "My son has autism" the same way a parent may say, May say "My son has asthma"
    For my students I may use either expression about the same kid in the same. Sometimes you work the puzzle and sometimes the puzzle works you! :o)

  3. I would say it depends on the context. But then again we already know I am the odd one who finds little relevance in the label because I believe they deserve the same respect and understanding regardless…

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