Today is finally over.., -

Today is finally over..,

Today has been one of the longest days ever. Our van is finally fixed. A huge thanks to my parents for letting use their car for the past few weeks.

I think the kids are either getting better or maybe worse. The coughing is becoming more productive but the crap they couch up is green. That’s not a good thing but it is good that they are coughing it up now.

Lizze met with her neurologist today they are adjusting her mess around to hopefully reduce the migrains. She is also going to be going to physical therapy 3 times a week now. They are hoping that will also help with the migrains. It’s helped in the past so maybe it will help now.

I got a new member to the Fit 4 Autism team. Thanks for joining the cause. We are still looking for more members. 

Hopefully the kids will be better by Monday. Dr. H this” bug” likes to linger for a long time. Lizze and I really need a break and some time to ourselves. No one is sleeping still so that’s taking its toll.

The day could have been worse so I’m grateful it wasn’t.

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