No matter...... -

No matter……

…how frustrated I am with Gavin’s behaviors it’s not easy to know he’s not sleeping in the other room. I truly hope this is the last time we have to do this. He is working so hard on controlling himself and his behavior has improved so much. He is there through no fault of his own. These are all medical necessities that must be addressed.
It’s times like this when it’s really hard explain the quandary I find myself in while trying to get Gavin the help he needs yet at the same time I am grateful for the break. What does that say about me as a parent?

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That your human. I don't live the life you do and yet when I get to go to the store w/o mine I'm grateful yet feel guilty that I'm getting more then the time it takes to pee alone. To appreciAte a break in your circumstances is NOT wrong!! And at the very least, you know that he is being cared for by qualified individuals who understand the intricacies of his conditions as well as you do 😉

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