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…go with the video. Please keep in mind that this is being done with the hopes of giving some insight into Gavin. I want to have a basis of comparison so if we feel something has changed we have a video to compare it to as well. I want what we are going through to help others in a similar situation. You will notice that Gavin cannot sit still. THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR HIM.

In this you will hear me remind him to sit like a pretzel. This is what he has to do so that he doesn’t kick anyone or anything around him. It also prevents him from hurting himself by smashing his feet into the floor, over and over again. Typically this isn’t a problem for him to do. He’s also not in trouble  in the video.  He was getting upset and I was trying to figure out what was happening. He is agitated and probably a little over stimulated as well.

Akron Children’s said they noticed some very minor movement issues. They said it was probably related to his Autism. Gavin HAS NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS. Prior to the this summer nothing like this has ever happened. We are worried and don’t know what to do. Maybe someone see’s this and recognizances it… We are still waiting to get into to Rainbow Babies for the movement disorder clinic. There may come a point where I will post a new video and ask your opinion as to whether things look better or worse. We see this every day so it’s harder to notice changes unless they are drastic.  Thank you for your continued support…

[youtube width=”425″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZvXviGfpkk[/youtube]

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  1. this looks like a side effect of medications, like tardive dyskensia, actually. Not sure if I spelled it right. The medications can be wonderful, but all have their side effects. Have you tried doing some vitamins to support his nervous system, like magnesium and B-vitamins? My son had weird movements until we started those and the GFCF diet. natural Antifungals helped reduce his huge tantrums as well.

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