Autism and consequence

Autism and consequence

Since I was already on the topic of consequences what and or how do you hold your child accountable for their actions. Just because they are Autistic doesn’t mean they should get a free pass. If anything you probably need to aggressively handle inappropriate behavior.

In our case with with Gavin, the rewards system doesn’t work because he simply exploits it. Gavin only responds to consequences. Wether or not he learns anything is another post all together. We don’t punish things that are outside of his control but do our best to curb socially inappropriate behaviors. Our goal is to have Gavin able to function in the capicity of a responsible citizen (if that’s even possible). I say if that’s possible because Gavin’s future isn’t to bright at this point. He may not be capable of independent living and maybe the assisted living type environment will be best for him. Either way it won’t be for lack of trying.

We will continue to push Gavin to reach his potential. He has to learn right from wrong and how to follow the rules or laws. We want him to mainstream as much as possible. If he can do that his future will continue to get brighter.

What standards to you hold your child to? How are you preparing them for life in the real world?

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