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Friday has finally arrived and is almost gone. Gavin was up all night vomiting and home today from school. I think it was something he ate that made him sick. Emmett went to the doctors this morning to be cleared for surgery on Monday. He isn’t sick. It was confirmed to be stomach acid backing up him throat. Basically he is throwing up acid in the back of his throat. So Monday is a go but Emmett is absolutely miserable.  He will hve to go most of Monday without eating cause his surgery isn’t scheduled till afternoon.

I dropped the van off at the shop to get fixed but it ended up just sitting there all day. I’ll hae to go pick it up cause we cannot be without a car for the weekend…

I’m feeling pretty defeated right now. We are still struggling to find things Emmett can and will eat. Everyone is SUPER whiney. Gavins Christmas break starts today and Elliott’s starts Thursday of next week. It’s going to be a very long break I think…..

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