Why I share my story……

Why I share my story……

This video is a few minutes of a 25 minute meltdown that occurred this afternoon. I don’t even remember what caused this one. I do know that these are happening whenever he gets upset anymore.

One of the reasons I am willing to show this is because it is important for people to know that this is what families are going through. I don’t post these video to make Gavin look bad. Gavin is a great kid and I love him unconditionally. That said, when these meltdowns happen life is literally placed on hold. It’s often times like becoming a prisoner in your own home. Everyone, even the family dog is affected. You have to secure the safety of everyone and that is not an easy task. Families like ours need support and understanding. The best way for me to raise awareness is to share our story.  I want to provide my children with a better more understanding world. If you read my blog learn our story you will be more aware of children with Autism. This enables more compassion and understanding.


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I have some videos of my oldest child (he just turned 10) having fits very similar to these. Unfortunately, we have a not-so-great doctor for him that doesn't know what to do with our not-so-great insurance and no tests have ever been ran for a diagnosis. The doctor has, however, tried to shove medicines in our faces without running tests and I am very unsure what I should do! In my videos, you will hear me asking him very calmly with no emotion "Are you done?" That just makes him more angry. He's been known to throw himself against walls during these fits as well. He is the oldest of 4. My middle 2 children (ages 8 & 7) have copied him like he's a super thing to model after, and they no longer listen to me either. My youngest is almost 2 years old, and I am afraid she will begin to copy all the behavior as well (currently, she's so unlike my oldest 3, that I am beginning to wonder if my ex husband passed something along?). I am at a loss, and I have no doctors to help me, and I have reported the doctor who isn't helping, but that got us nowhere


Wow. I\’m so sorry for what you are experiencing. Do you have more services available? What about a local children\’s hospital? Please feel free to send me an email through my contact me page and share more details and maybe I can help you find the right direction.
Seriously, email me. You will be in my thoughts. Hang in there.

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