Day2 starts out with a bang…well more of a crash

I got Lizze up this morning to take her meds. They have fully kicked in now as she is very sedated. She went to get the pill container down and the lid popped off and dozens of pills went every where in the kitchen. The pill organizer is kind of a bad design. I’ll have to do something about that at a later time. I have spent the past 1.5 hours trying to locate the last 4 pills and  can’t find them. They are huge and easy to see. I have pulled the kitchen completely apart and they are not there. My guess is that maybe Lizze counted wrong and we did find all of them. I can’t take any chances right now with Emmett/Gavin who put’s EVERYTHING in there mouthes.

Lizze and I are very different in our approaches to things..We always joke that we should never have worked cause on paper we are completely incompatible. Some how it has always worked.

Lizze has ADHD which I think is pretty common knowledge. She prefers organized chaos. I kinda allowed the organized chaos to reign because it was more comfortable for her (it’s an ADHD thing I’m told) and honestly she was organized in her own way. It never made any sense and to me but it wasn’t a battle I wanted to pick. However, things have changed and I so I need to make some changes in order for us all to survive. I need to reorganize and adjust the way we do things in the house to my left brained very methodical  way.   It will take some time to make these changes but there is no way I can manage everything by myself if I don’t.  These are’t radical things I plan on doing. I just think everything has it’s place. If we put it back where it goes when we are done then we will know where it is the next time we need it. Makes sense, right?

When you have 3 special needs kids everything else takes a back burner, literally.  I have got laundry piled up and dishes from dinner I need to do. It’s really tough to manage this stuff because most of the day is spent dealing with the kids, especially Emmett, who is EXTREMELY difficult to manage…. By the time the kids go down for the night, I literally have nothing left. Lizze usually fall’s asleep with Emmett putting him to bed and I get a an hour or two to try to get caught up on things. It’s not going to get any better right now in fact it will probably just get worse as Lizze continues on the medications…. All I can hope for is the light at the other end of the tunnel isn’t a train this time…..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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David Rice (wudstock

If my wife's experience is any indicator the meds won't hit her so hard as her system adjusts to them. I can relate to the spilled meds too. My wife popped the lid off a new refill and then spilled them all down the disposal. Insurance only pays once a month so you can guess the rest of that story haha. I've also torn our kitchen apart including major appliances looking for the missing few. I certainly don't think our situation is comparable to yours, just hope you can find some comfort and humor from the fact you aren't alone. We do what we have to do when we have to do it.