Please say a prayer….

We were at Lizzes neurologist today and they think they found a blood clot in her left leg. They cut the appointment off and sent her us to the Hospital for an ultra sound. She has a histroy of dvt’s so this is pretty scary. She was pregnant with Elliott at the time so they couldn’t treat it. She was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks.

I had expressed concern about the lack of mobility and her history. They were concerned as well. They didn’t know she had that history. So they examined her and felt behind her left knee and she shot up out of her chair. The pulses are different as well. We are currently waiting for her ultra sound and we are about an hour out.

Please say a prayer that they were wrong and there is nothing going on…..

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  1. Sending prayers!!!!

  2. Praying.

  3. Rob, prayers going up for Lizzie right now! Blessings to you all!

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