We are a go for surgery….

We are a go for surgery….

We got the call about an hour ago. The surgery is scheduled for Feb 9th @ 9am. Lizze will have to do the paperwork and blood work again but she has only 10 days left until she will finally receive relief “that” daily pain. While everyone is on board with this, insurance is not. So I will have to sign my life way in order to get this done. They are cutting us a break (pardon the pun) at Aultman. However, the cost is still probably going to be $10,000 – $12,000. I know they charge around $10,000 for the surgery and recovery. Aultman is knocking 30% off of their charges. Then the Anesthesiologist and surgeon are on top of that.

Long story short we are looking at $150-$200/ month. Still very much a struggle for me but much attainable than $700-$800 offered by the other Hospital.

Much like Emmett’s Cleveland therapies how can you put a price on Lizze’s quality of life?

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Onyx Panthyr

Found my way here from androidcentral and I'm loving midNIGHT ROM.

I find your blog very heartbreaking and I wish you all the best. May the gods watch over you and your family, Rob. You have an amazing inner strength to be able to deal with all of this. I'm sure many people would have just cut and run long ago, but you are truly a gem to your family.

I'll keep reading and sending out prayers for you.

Gods bless and best of luck to you all.

Aunt Sharon

Good. Just keep fighting no matter what. There was no good reason for Medicaid not to cover this. Also Medicaid will provide tranportation to Dr.'s vsits (but I don't know about Cleveland) Probally more of a pain than a solution.

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