Stress, stress and more stress.... -

Stress, stress and more stress….

I’ll be real honest, I haven’t been this stressed out in a VERY long time. I have a post I want to write to give people a better idea of where exactly I am right now. It has to do with the level of responsibility I carry and how that impacts EVERYTHING. I’m hoping that writing that post will allow me to unload some of the weight for a bit. Maybe shake these headaches as well.

All I know is, I can’t survive with the amount of stress I experience anymore.  Something has to give….


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I’ll apologize in advance if this sounds ridiculous.

My friend with triplets and a toddler just had a heart attack and was forced to start asking for more help from friends & relatives nearby. Someone recommended this site, and after the initial stress of setting it up it seems like it might be helping her get the help she needs:

You basically setup an account and ask your friends and family to sign up, you can enter your schedule of dr appointments, etc, it tells people when and where they’re needed and they can sign up for different things.

It seemed ridiculous to to her to have to do this, but I think having the actual calendar with specific needs helps people realize the extent of the need and goads them to get more involved.

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