Thank God it’s Friday…..

Thank God it’s Friday…..

My day started at about 2am this morning. I rolled over and opened my eyes to find Gavin standing there just staring at us while we were sleeping. Let me tell you, the “creep factor” was in FULL swing. He scared me to the point I jumped out of bed. Then he looks at me with a smile on his face, acting like he’d been awake for hours and says “I flooded the bathroom”. He says this as he’s giggling and walks out of the room.

I go into the bathroom to find the carpet soaked. Turns out he over flowed the toilet. Now that actually takes some effort to overflow our toilet. I have had this conversation with more times then I care to remember. I tell him that if he clogs the toilet he MUST come and get us to fix it. Instead of doing that he must have flushed the toilet another 2 or 3 times which is what caused the over flow. I fixed the toilet at 2am this mooring and did my best to clean up the “mess” off the floor. It figures because I just recently returned our carpet cleaner in order to put towards Lizze’s surgery. It would have really come in handy now.

I go back to bed because I have almost 3 hours and 30 minutes worth of driving to do in the morning. I was sleeping and I once again rolled over and Gavin was again standing there. He completely freaked me out this time. He looks at me and tells me “I thought you should know that I puked all over my bedroom floor”. Then he turns around and disappears out the door again. I got up again and walked over to his room and saw the mess. By this time I think it was 4:30(ish) am.

We get up to get Elliott to school and I wanted to cancel our trip to Cleveland but Lizze’s dad came and got Gavin. Gavin said he was just fine. We ended up going anyway but I think we are going to have to rethink this because Emmett isn’t handling the car ride very well and neither is my back.

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