Frustration -


Monday is here and already it’s unpleasant. Lizze isn’t feeling good and is having a really hard time getting up. This means I’ll probably have to bring the kids with me to take Gavin to school. Emmett hasn’t been doing well on short trips like this because he expects to get into the van and go somewhere. When I take him to the school and then drive home all he’s going to to is scream because it wasn’t long enough. Elliott is already super whiny and pitching a fit because he wants candy for breakfast. I’m still exhausted from yesterday and I have to get some work in so I can pay our insurance bill. Feeling quiet a bit of pressure right now and   the way the day is already going it looks like I won’t make any progress on the work front, again. Somethings got to give because I can’t keep getting pulled away all the time. I have to be able to bring money in somehow. My responsibility is growing and my resources (time,energy,money,patience ect) are diminished.


Things are going to have to change in we are to have a future.

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