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Rob doesn’t want me to stoop to ThyGuyX’s level. He said that I should say my piece but not stoop that low. I’ll be honest with y’all here; I don’t know that I am capable of doing that. I know that of all the things I wanted my first “guest post” on Rob’s blog to be about, some douche bag wasn’t even on the list. Yet, here we are.


ThyGuyX, you are a douche bag. I won’t refer to you with a “Mr.” because that is giving you a level of respect that I don’t feel you deserve. Period. You were coward enough to attack children. Yes, true, you did so through their parentage but you were attacking children nonetheless. How sad and bored you must be to sink so low.


Now, allow me to address your comment because while my husband is a better person than I and won’t sink to your level; I will address what you’ve said. Line by line. Word by word.


I am seeing red right now; that’s how angry I am with you and your ignorance.


“Let me get this straight… you have three retarded kids.

No, you are wrong. I have three beautiful, wonderful, loving special needs children.

That means that not only are you our your wife are making genetic failures,

First of all, we are not making genetic failures.

you kept right on breeding afterwards. Maybe you didn’t now about the first one immediately, and possibly didn’t know about the first by the time you had the second, but wtf at the third.

First, of all “know” is spelled with a “k”. Just to be clear since we seem to be attacking intelligence levels and whatnot.

We didn’t know about Gavin until I was well into my pregnancy with Elliott Richard (#2). While Gavin has Aspergers, a large part of Gavin’s issues are because of the treatment he received from his biological father and his paternal grandmother. They are both sociopaths and played horrible, horrible head games with a small boy doing irreparable damage. Elliott Richard also has Aspergers as well as ADHD. As do most children in America today, guess the nation is full of “genetic failures”. As for Mr. Emmett John, Elliott Richard hadn’t presented with either issue when I became pregnant with Mr. Emmett John. There was no way of knowing that he would be diagnosed with Autism as well at the time. Oh, and just in case you are reading this, I happen to have ADHD and Aspergers as well. Only I just found out about my Aspergers diagnosis.

Do you plan on caring for these things their entire lives or do the taxpayers eventually have to baring the load of even more unwanted animals.”

As for whether we plan to care for them their entire lives or “do the taxpayers eventually have to baring the load”? Believe it or not, we are responsible parents. We plan to care for them until the moment of our deaths. Then we have Last Will and Testiments in place to be sure that they are cared for by loved ones. So worry not, ThyGuyX, my babies will never be your responsibility, which is for the best since I wouldn’t want you raising them to hate themselves simply for existing.


Finally, do not EVER refer to my children as “things” or “unwanted animals” again. They are human beings with feelings, intelligent thoughts and emotions – all things you obviously lack. They have goals and aspirations in life. As their mother, I will love them and do all that I can to see that they reach those goals. Unfortunately for you, I am what is often referred to as a “mama bear”. Meaning there is very little I won’t do to protect my children. Luckily for you, there are laws protecting scum like you – for some unknown reason – and I am of no good to my children in jail. Now please stay away from my family. We have enough troubles of our own. We do not need bottom feeders like you raising my blood pressure and as I previously stated, being a douche bag.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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meant (not really)


Dude I have to say you are one patient MuthaF—ker! Your response was absolutely eloquent., this would have set me off! I would have to burn the neighbors house for this…..(no really) All and all being a father and seeing you respond like that enlighted me.



Wow my husband and I have a 6yr. old with Autism, I can't even imagine that he has been in the Marine corps for 19 yr to fight for the right for people like this monster or piece of S*!t( you choose) to have freedom of speech. It is a scary day in America when as a given right we should all have some level of education and we choose to stoop to the level of ignorance that he has chosen. I truly feel for his mother, she must wonder what she did wrong to raise a monster with so much hate.


The guy x which is a suiting name, the guy aught to be xed from the earth, seems to be jealous because he knows had he been born this way, his family would have abandoned him. His attitude reflects his environment which clearly shows which side of this argument has been failed by parenting while you andyour wife continue to demonstrate what he lacks, love. He sees the love you have for your family and it obviously bothers him this deeply. He hadn’t done his research to see the staggering number of children now being born with autism now. With the amounts of chemicals found in todays foods and medicines that I believe are a direct cause for the condition, what he shouldn’t have said is that your “genetics”have failed. What he should have said was we have failed as a society very similar to the way his family has failed him as a person. I don’t even feel sorry for the guy, he should have matured by this point in life. The best to you and yours as always, he wouldn’t amount to half of the man and women you areven on his best day


everything you said is better worded then what I have to say. I will leave it at that – along with I agree with Marc!


Right on, Lizze. This guy was the lowest of the low. He deserves to be smacked down.

Carlton Wright

Wow! That guy is the worst of the worst and I wouldn't even waste time on the fool's ignorance. If anyone deserves the name retard, it would be him.

–noun. a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.
He is a hindrance on every person he speaks/writes to. He spreads ignorance and therefore slows down the function of society. I do not pity him. I pity those who are forced to deal with his nature on a daily basis.


Amen Mama Bear! I'm with you on this, simply because I have the same personality and I cannot stand ignorant and uneducated people throwing around insults at my children. You are justified in feeling the way you do and are justified with saying what you need to say. Whether or not The Douche Bag reads this and comes to his senses is irrelevant. It's not good to bottle up your emotions and allow them to fester. Now that you've gotten it out, forget about this idiot and go back to remembering you have a HUGE support system of parents who believe in you, can relate to you, and commend you for the wonderful job you are doing of raising 3 special-needs children, sent from God and PERFECT in every way that matters!
My recent post Autism News for Monday- May 9- 2011


Awesomeness!!!! The time for being quiet about rude people is over in my book. In order for me to be able to live with myself, i no longer sit by while some lowlife insults innocent victims.One day, the real world will get him and he will see the big picture….not a wish, just a fact……

Bubbles Make Him Smile

I don’t think you should waste your beautiful posts on this sad sad person because clearly they want the attention and are getting it.


I agree however, I'm proud that she addressed the issue instead of just festering. I'm trying to get her to open up a bit more hopefully it will help with the stress management things. Thank you for your support.