We now have 2 sickies…..

As I explained eariler, Elliott has what looks like the start of chicken pox. We had to cancel his party plans just in case he does turn out to be contagious.

Not one for being out done, Emmett spiked a fever this afternoon of almost 102F. He has been VERY cranky and outwardly aggressive today. We need to get through this quickly because Lizze has her infusion therapy this week. She has waited a month for this and we need to make sure it happens. For those not familiar with our story, Lizze has had a severe migraine for almost 2 months now. The infusion therapy is an IV drip of a cocktail of meds. This is done over 3 days at 6 hrs per day in an attempt to break the migraine. It’s pretty much a last ditch effort to help relieve the pain.. Shea cannot afford to get sick….

Both boys will be in to see Dr. H in the AM. Emmett may need referred to an immunologist because we just can’t keep him healthy. We also seek ADHD meds for Elliott as he is clearly struggling. The docs have said the best way to figure out if it’s anxiety or ADHD is to try the meds. If they work then we have a direction to go in.

Wish us luck…..PLEASE

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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