OMG… That did not just happen..

OMG… That did not just happen..

Warning: This post is gross..

Emmett wasn’t feeling good, as I had stated in earlier posts. He was sleeping with us tonight instead of his little bed on the other side of the room. Lizze was having a tough time sleeping so she was streaming Netflix on her phone and working on her blog. She had apparently, just given Emmett something for his fever and ran downstairs to fill his sippy with Gatorade. I was half out of it. Well…really..mostly out of it.

Next thing I know I’m covered in everything Emmett had eaten today. That’s right folks, he puked ALL over me. After giving him a bath and cleaning myself up, Lizze and I each have a couch with Emmett bouncing back and forth between. Did I say it’s going to be a long night?

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Brought back memories!!

Hope hes feeling better soon.
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