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I swear we have a black cloud that just follows us around, waiting for the right time to dump whatever it has got on us. Maybe that sounds a bit pessimistic but it certainly feels just about right. I got a call from the shop today about the van. They can’t get it to act up. In fact they said they got it to start up right away like nothing was wrong. This is driving me crazy. We can’t seem to isolate the problem. If we don’t isolate the problem then we will just nickel/dime ourselves to death.  Waterloo Transmission knows this so they want to be sure before they start replacing anything. The most likely culprit is the fuel pump. However, it hasn’t shown any weakness at all during their tests. It’s a pretty frustrating if you ask me.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that both my lawn mower AND weedeater  are BOTH down right now. The weedeater has a ruptured fuel line and not sure what’s going on with the mower. I went out this afternoon to try to get the yard work done while I could and was met with them no longer working. The weedeater should be a simple fix. I’ll just run to the…..oh yeah..I would literally have to RUN to the store. As we no longer have a working van. We will at least be vanless over the weekend and probably most of next week.

On the plus side, even with all the bad news and additional stress we have received since yesterday, Lizze is still MIGRAINE FREE. That’s a HUGE plus…. Thank God for that…


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