The end of early intervention

The end of early intervention

Emmett ages out of early intervention this month. So we are in a transition period right now. I had to meet with Canton City Schools child psychologist today. Canton City School’s is responsible for Emmett and ALL other kids in their district. You may recall our experience with the Canton City School system with Gavin. To say Gavin’s experience with Canton City School’s was bad is like saying the Grand Canyon is just a ditch. Gavin’s exeperience was HORRIBLE and abusive.
Needless to say I was less than excited to meet with them today to discuss Emmett’s future. However, I must admitt, that I was impressed today. We clearly got shafted when Gavin was there and things seem to be different now.
Emmett also did really well today. He wore underwater to school and even asked to go potty. I think we are in the clear with potty training….THANK GOODNESS. So that’s something to be proud of…and trust me…we are.

Anyway, so that was pretty much it for the meeting at Eastgate, overall pretty positive. I don’t know that we will send him there but they will help us get the Autism Scholarship. Once we have that we can find him a school that best suits his needs and not settle due to a lack of options…

– Lost and Tired

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a friend just told me about this blog site…i have to say that if you have an opportunity to send your child to Eastgate it is an amazing school!! my oldest son is autistic and went there for 4 years…he now has the autism scholarship and attends GoldenKey on 30th St which is just as amazing! my youngest son has also been diagnosed as autistic and is turning 3 this summer he has been in the IE program at eastgate and will be going there for preschool next year…i tried the public school system for 3 months with my oldest and will not go that route again…good luck to you & your family


Hey thanks. Emmett is currently at Eastgate but he ages out of the early intervention program in 2 weeks. We are in the transition phase. Our experience with the public school system has not been a pleasant one. We are weighing.g our options and working on funding. My guess would be Dragonfly would be our first choice. I haven\’t heard much about golden key. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

Accidental Expert

Glad things are better the second time around. Our school district just keeps getting worse and worse, with new budget cuts all the time.

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