I’m losing my mind

I love my family unconditionally. I truly mean that. Sometimes, though everything is just to much. As the only “typical” person in the house, I find myself, at times, the “odd man out”. I’m a gifted communicated. I can talk to anyone about anything and not have any problems. However, when it comes to my family, I struggle to the point of utter frustration. Everyone, including Lizze,  requires a different approach when it comes to communication.

This is really the only “issue” Lizze and I ever really have. Considering everything we have been through over the last 10 year’s, I’m actually quite proud of that. The frustration for me is that I can never just “talk” to anyone in this house. Everyone requires a concerted effort on my part to simply get my point across. Think of it like this. Everyone in the house is on a different “wave length”. Meaning that everyone has a unique way of communicating. I find myself constantly having to switch back and forth through out the day. It’s like trying to navigate a conversational mine field. One filled with misunderstandings and misinterpretations. It’s frustrating to say the least.

One the flip side, it must be frustrating for them as well. Being able to effectively and efficiently communicate is so important in everyday life. When you struggle with that it has to be extremely frustrating. Everyone does their best and right now that’s all I can ask. We will just continue to find ways to bridge the gap.

– Lost and Tired

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