Autism: The communication barrier

Autism: The communication barrier

One of the biggest issues I face as a special needs parent to 3 Autistic children is communication barriers. In this post I once again focus on Gavin as our experience with him at ACH yesterday inspired this post.

We were at ACH the other morning and when Gavin was being asked questions about his stomach pain and chest pain by his GI doc. He couldn’t answer in any way that was relevant as his answers generally weren’t even on topic. When asked if he poops everyday he didn’t know the answer.
We explained to Gavin that there are no right or wrong answers and he is not in trouble. Regardless, he struggles to answer the most basic of questions.

The doctors then look to Lizze and I for answers we don’t have because we are in the same boat they are.
This is extremely frustrating and I would guess, relatively common amongst spectrum kids. I makes basic health care very difficult to manage because we get little if any reliable information or feedback from him.

I don’t know what really gets in the way of him answering these questions. Maybe he feels he would be guessing and he doesn’t want to guess? I honestly, have no idea why he can’t provide feedback even in the form of yes or no. If I ask him “did you poop today?” he will say something like “I’m not sure”. Sigh

Do any of you face similar issues with your child? If so, how do you manage? I would love to hear from you all on this…

– Lost and Tired

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