My wife LOVES Harry Potter

Lizze is a huge Harry Potter fan and I mean HUGE. She has made it to most of the midnight movie releases. She loves watching all the…….unique….people dress up in costumes. I thinks it’s a bit weird but she has fun so more power to her. Sadly, I have been able to get her to the last 2 movies on opening night because we just couldn’t afford it.

She was disappointed but she understood.  It sucks because she only ever asks for one thing and that’s to go to the midnight showing of each new Harry Potter movie. She was disappointed again this year because we couldn’t get tickets again because we just had to many things come up. I hate seeing the disappointment in her eyes, even though she tries to hide it. With everything she is going through,she deserves this one thing.

So, honey….guess where you are going to be on Friday July 15th at 12:06am? No…not in bed. You will be watching all the….um…unique people running around in costume as we wait to be seated for the final Harry Potter movie. I know how important this was for you and willingly you gave it up for your family. I wanted to make sure this happened for you. Don’t worry about how I did it because I know that’s what your thinking right now. Just know that I had this planned for a while now. I need to line up sitters…cough…cough..grandparents…please.

I love you and I want you to finally catch a break….. I also thought in light of everything you needed something to look forward to… So Happy Birthday, 10 days early.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Yay!! Happy early birthday!!! I don't quite understand the movies or enjoy the midnight showings, but I know that they're a huge thing for the die hard fans!! Love this for you guys!!!


Thanks Becky 😉

Kristen Stegman Nick

So very sweet! Enjoy it you two!