Maggie vs cat peeing on my porch: Round 2 -

Maggie vs cat peeing on my porch: Round 2

Sorry for all the off topic posts but this is about our lives and this is part of it right now. These damn cats are driving me crazy…yes I know it’s a short trip..ha ha. Seriously, our porch smells like cat urine and the smell creeps into the house as well. This is a pain in the a$$ and there seems to be little or no recourse. I won’t kill the cats as that’s not something I believe in. That said, I think I’ll just let Maggie have her fun. As I said, she won’t hurt them but she can scare the pi$$ out of them, somewhere other then my front porch for a change.


Now this cat is clearly not that smart but it is persistent, I’ll give it that. Somehow this feline has defied natural selection.  I saw it come trotting back from across the street like nothing happened. Maggie’s been watching out the windows as well. I let her out to head it off. I don’t think that the cat even made it over the fence this time before Maggie got there. +1 for Maggie keeping that thing out of our yard.



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Onyx Panthyr

Ironically, I got this in one of my email newsletters today. Maybe it'll help you get rid of the smell.


Can you leave Maggie outside for a while? Maybe that will deter the cat and it will find another place to go….

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