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Emmett is our youngest of 3 boys and also Autistic. I had mentioned before that he has good days and not so good days. Today, is a not so good day. He’s doing a lot of shreiking and screaming over what “appears” to be nothing. I say “appears” because we have no idea what’s causing this. Emmett struggles with language and speech so he can’t just tell us what’s wrong.

I hate assuming anything but my guess is that he’s maybe over stimulated. Could be something small or it could be everything, your guess is as good as mine. The screaming though is maddening. It so high pitched it’s like little pieces of glass in your brain. I don’t get headaches very often but this is like instant headache. I can only imagine what it feels like for Lizze while dealing with a migraine.

When Emmett is like this there is no consoling him. Your lucky if he lets you touch him. We try to use deep pressure but it rarely helps. We will try to sit by him if we can’t touch him so he knows we are there. The space between us will eventually grow smaller and smaller until we are snuggling him and he has calmed down. This could take a few minutes or 30 minutes. There’s no rushing him or it will start all over again.

Because Emmett can articulate what he’s feeling or even thinking, these situations are very difficult to manage and they are happening more and more often it seems. It doesn’t look like he’s getting any teeth in but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming in still.

I’m running out of ideas here. Those of you will an ASD child may know what I’m talking about all to well. Those that don’t can’t full appreciate the intensity and duration of these “episodes”. I wish I could get inside him head and figure out what was setting him off. It could be anything and so that makes it damn near impossible to address the problem at the source because we don’t know what the catalyst is.

It’s gonna be a LONG weekend.

– Lost and Tired

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Rhiannon Fieri

First off…::hugs:: We've been there with Ash, plenty of times.
Do you think dressing Emmett in a pressure-shirt when he's in these periods, might help?
My recent post An autistic child, summer school, and planning for the most basic of emergencies


It's been a while. How have your guys been doing?? Thanks for the support. Emmett has never tried a pressure shirt, so I'm not sure how that would work. I do know that he most often doesn't tolerate clothes. I will be checking into the pressure shirts though. He may actually benefit from them. Thanks again and I hope all is well.