Always expect the unexpected

Today was supposed to be a relatively relaxing day. Emmett and Gavin have therapy this morning, well Emmett already had therapy this morning.

Anyway, Gavin slept in as he is prone to do lately. When he woke up he seemed fine. However, from where I was sitting I only saw the right side of his face.

Gavin started getting anxious and I wasn’t sure why. I asked him if he was OK and he turned to look at me and this is what I saw. What the heck is this?

When he came home from grandmas yesterday he had one little red bump on his jaw
It just looked like a mosquito bite. However, clearly something has changed as this is definitely a problem much bigger then a simple mosquito bite.

He goes into the doctors this afternoon. Gavin is freaking out about his face and neck, which is understandable. However, the more anxious he gets the more he scratches at it.

One thing I have learned as a special needs parent is to always expect the unexpected.


– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Onyx Panthyr

They look like hives to me too, but I have to agree with Julia that the top one looks like it has the bullseye ring from lyme.


The top one on his jaw line looks kinda like a 'bullseye' rash you get with Lyme disease. Although I wouldn't say that's a you get ticks around your area?


Looks like hives, Rob.

Yvette Kennedy

Oh my goodness! I hope it is NOTHING serious! Hopefully the Dr can give you something to get rid of it QUICKLY! Poor Gavin…he just can't catch a break can he! As always love to you all!


I hear what you are saying…. ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Once you think you have things figured out, once you think you are on a good roll, once you think there is a sense of calm and predictibility….. you get thrown a curve ball and things change on a turn of a dime. I know I can so relate.
I hope its nothing more than maybe a heat rash or an allergic reaction to a plant, something along that lines.