The pediatrician says...... -

The pediatrician says……

We met with Dr. H, our kids pediatrician about Gavin’s sudden rash. His best guess is they are bug bites. They aren’t hives or chicken pox either. He thinks Gavin just had a delayed reaction to the bug bites

He also said that the ring around them isn’t uncommon. We have sine cream to put on them and that’s about it for now.

Alright, one crisis avoided and one more to deal with. Gavin is going on Wednesday to the immunologist in Akron. Something is wrong with his immune system and we need to figure out what the heck is going on.

– Lost and Tired

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might be an idea to get them to look into lupus, that rash and the neurological symptoms could be connected to it.


I am so glad it was something more serious or something that was contagious! Hopefully this cream takes care of it ASAP! Good luck in Akron too! I will keep my fingers crossed & hope & pray that it is not anything too too serious! As always much love


I'm sorry you're struggling with something new. We have had a summer filled with hospitals and some unexplained symptoms as well. We were at Akron Children's last week and will return again in about a week. In addition to some other tests, we are also getting some labs to check for possible auto-immune issues. I know it's fruitless to wish, but it would be great if we could just deal with what we know we have without all these new and unexplained things piling on. Good luck at Akron. If we can't get anything definitive next week, we are headed to Cleveland.

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