Autism, Vaccines and Immune Deficiency

Autism, Vaccines and Immune Deficiency

First of all, let me go on the record as stating that I am NOT anti-vaccine…at all. However, something occurred to me this morning and has got me concerned. I’m concerned for a very specific reasons. Emmett and Elliott are both scheduled for vaccines on Thursday afternoon….well…they were scheduled for vaccines this Thursday but not now.

My goal here is not to turn this into a heated debate but rather share my concerns as they relate to my, personal family situation. I’m hoping to gain some insight from the community here.

Something occurred to me this morning. Gavin has most likely been Immunol deficient his entire life. Without knowing this, we vaccinated him as recommended by his pediatrician. No one had any idea that Gavin’s immune system was compromised until last Wednesday.

As a rule of thumb, our pediatrician will not vaccinate any of his patients when they are sick or may be getting sick because their immune system may be compromised. So my question is, what happens when a child with an immune deficiency receives a vaccine…especially a live vaccine? We would never knowingly do this but if it accidentally occurred what could happen? In the case of a live vaccine, I would think that the child would be at a much greater risk of becoming infected by the virus or viruses in the vaccine itself. I’m not an expert and that’s why I’m posing the question.

Vaccinating a child with an Immunol deficiency

As horrible as it sounds, we can’t undo whatever, if anything, that happened to Gavin as a result of vaccinating him while his immune system was compromised. However, now that we are aware of the problem and there is a very real potential that Emmett and Elliott both may have the same or similar Immunol deficiencies, we have to look at everything differently.

I spoke with the pediatrician’s office this morning at length about this concern. The nurse I spoke to shared our concerns with the doctor.

While I was waiting for the immunologist to call back, I heard back from the pediatrician. He said that if there is a chance that they have compromised immune systems, he does not want them to have any live vaccines. That put the brakes on tomorrow’s scheduled appointment for vaccination’s.

We are waiting for Elliott to be seen by the immunologist as well as awaiting the results of Emmett’s blood panel.

So how do you handle a situation such as this? I don’t believe vaccines cause Autism. However, how much of what Gavin is going through could be related to receiving vaccines with a compromised immune system? I haven’t been able to speak to the doctor about this yet but I thought I would pose the question.

Does anyone out there have any experience in this area? Immunol deficiency is a completely new area for me and so I feel like I’m starting from scratch. Any suggestions, advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I got Polio from the vaccine, so it is possible even without being immune deficient. Of course, this was back when the US was still administering the OPV (live vaccine). They changed to the IPV (killed vaccine) sometime in the 90's, I think. I've read that 1 in 525,000 people got polio from the vaccine during this time period, but I've also read 1 in 2 million. I just split the difference and say I'm 1 in a million. 😉

Tylenol triggered an episode of severe self-injury and aggressive behavior in my autistic son 3 years ago that landed him in the state hospital. Look up research by dr. Rosemary Waring for more info or check out the link in my name on your blog.


Hi Rob, in my experience, when a child has a reaction to a vaccine the damage is usually quite severe, as is the level of disability (I'm talking paralysis, seizures etc) so I think it's pretty unlikely that any of Gavin's difficulties are the result of vaccinating him with a depleted immune system. That being said, I think you're doing the right thing with Elliott and Emmett, better safe than sorry!


Thanks Julia. That\’s what I would expect to see as well. 😉


Whatever you do, keep Tylenol far, far away from your boys. Seriously. If you have Tylenol in your house, THROW IT OUT. Tylenol and autism are NOT a good mix.


OK, I\’ll bite. Why?


I hold off on vaccines if my kids have even the slightest hints of colds. Ask Chris – I think it drives him nuts