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Emmett is absolutely captivated by fish.  He would spend all day watching them swim around the tank.  We don’t have fish anymore but I feel like I should provide something for Emmett in this area.  

Maybe with tax return this year I will set up a small aquarium for him and he can help me care for it.  I really think something like this would be good for him.  Watching fish has always been relaxing for me.  I have ever had had tropical fish for most of my life.

The only reason I don’t have one now is that I didn’t want the responsibility as I already have my hands full.  I do believe it would be worth it if Emmett’s fascination with fish can be fostered. 

Kids in the Autism Spectrum,  especially Aspergers,  can become very….um…interested in a certain topic and become quite tunnel visioned.  My kids can become obsessed as well and while we try to allow them their own space we also try to encourage a bit of diversity. 

Emmett’s focus right now is around fish.  So I will do my best to provide him the means with which to explore that fascination…

What kinds of things are your kinds in to?  How do you handle the obsessions,  if and when they occur?


– Lost and Tired

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Julie Costanten

Actually there are a couple of aquarium type games on FB he would probably like. Another way to go would be getting Beta fishes. you could have one or two small bowls for him (can't put them together or they will hurt each other). They are hearty and colorful. Just a thought of something less demanding than a fish tank with lots of fish.


There's a facebook game called Happy Aquarium I think where he could build a virtual fish tank in the meantime …