Elliott officially needs a new school

Last week we received a welcome packet from the school we were hoping to keep Elliott in this year.  We were very excited to receive this as we were waiting all summer to get word.

As you may recall Elliott was not allowed to return this year because he is on the Autism Spectrum.  When we finally were able to meet with person in charge of the school,  I thought we had worked everything out. I thought I had cleared things up. I thought I had explained that Autism is different for every child and that simply because Elliott has Aspergers doesn’t mean he will have the same problems as Gavin or Emmett.

However,  we received an email this afternoon stating that by trying to service a “gifted child” like Elliott would compromise the integrity of the school. They don’t feel they have the resources to educate Elliott.

They just don’t seem to get that Elliott doesn’t need any special treatment. They should know that as Elliott attended school there last year and had no problems.

They were also supposed to meet with Dr. Pattie so she could address their concerns and explain that Elliott simply needs normalcy and not special treatment.  They never followed through on that either. That would have also helped to clear up any misconceptions as well.

I would never try to force Elliott on their school because that wouldn’t be best for Elliott.  However,  this decision was based purely on ignorance as to what Autism is. What really frustrates me is that we only found out because we were trying to follow up. What makes me angry is that school begins in about a week and a half and they are just now telling us. Why wait this long? Most of our backup plans have fallen through as well.

I really thought we had this figured out. Ignorance is something we really have to work hard to address in the Autism community.  However,  I would like to think that people in the educational field,  especially those in the administrative positions would have a better understanding.

I would also like to know why a school would accept the Autism scholarship and yet not accept kids on the Autism Spectrum.  It seems a little counterintuitive to me.

Now we are in a panic as it’s almost impossible to enroll Elliott anywhere else this late in the game.  Our options are limited and our public school system is not in good shape at all.

What a great way to start out the weekend.  We already had enough on our plate as it is.  It wasn’t more then a week or so ago that we found out about Gavin’s severely compromised immune system. That was a shock that we are still adjusting to. We are in the process of trying to work that out and are still waiting for Emmett’s immunological test results to come in.  Now we have more to worry about.

I will say that the school is a private school so they have to right to refuse anyone.  However,  this was handled in a very unprofessional manner and I think Elliott deserved better then that. He is an individual and does not deserve to be stereotyped.

This is a problem that is all to common in todays society.  Whether we are talking about children or adults on the spectrum,  they are all individuals and should be treated as such.  Lumping everyone together is not only wrong but irresponsible as well as inaccurate. Everyone on the Autism Spectrum has their own unique needs, some need more then others and some don’t need much at all.  This needs to be fixed so that more people aren’t short changed out of an education due in part to ignorance.
These kids deserve better.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I'm so sorry to hear this Rob.


Oh gods, I'm infuriated that they can do this to you. They take an autism scholarship but they won't take an autistic student? Is this something out of a Beckett play? And what kind of "integrity" are they scared of compromising by serving a gifted student? The irony-processing center of my brain is breaking down here…..


Whether or not the school is allowed to be so discriminatory, it is still wrong. If he did nothing to cause trouble, there is no reason to reject him. I am a teacher (at a public school where we don't get to "choose" our students, nor turn them away for being different), and I can only imagine the difficulty he will have when he can't go back to the school his friends and teachers are at. I know that dealing with one more thing may be too much, but I would want to make sure other parents of "special" kids know before they enroll their child and are treated in kind. I hope you are able to find somewhere that can appreciate your son and family the way you deserve.
My recent post Clear!


I am pretty sure you guys are in the Canton area and if you already have the autism scholarship have you looked into The Golden Key Center on 30th St in Canton? My oldest son (also autistic) goes there and has since January he was at Eastgate and stupid me took him out & tried the whole public school system routine…which was awful! But I really like it there & Terry Frank is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to autism. She is one of owners operators of the school.

I always despise when an entity utilizes the term “private’ in order to operate outside of decent and ethical operation. What are they afraid of? Autism is not contagious.


Oops I think I commented on a previous version of this post that wasn't complete lol… anyway, this would really make me mad, I think if I were in your shoes (and I weren't as tired as you probably have to be by now) I'd call a news station and bring this whole situation to their attention. The school is being ignorant and stupid and rude and this should never have happened.


Unfortunately, they are within their rights to do this. I just frustrates me for many reasons but mostly because it shows how little people actually know about Autism.
I\’m saddened by the way this was handled but for Elliott\’s sake we haven\’t make this as positive as possible.

But I\’m right there with you. Thanks for the support Tam. I always appreciate your perspective. 😉


oh I know they're within their "rights" to do this, doesn't make it right, and the fun thing about news stations is that they can report about it anyway lol There's one down here that has a "doesn't that stink!?" editorial thing, and a school 'accepting' the voucher then refusing autistic kids would fit really well.

Although I wonder if they're not more nervous about the blog than they are about the disability. It could be that they're afraid of vocal parents.

In any case, I'm sorry you guys are having to deal with this nonsense, and I hope it's not too hard on Elliott :/

Seems quite discriminatory and very wrong. I feel for you.


Unfortunately they are a private school and can do this. I actually went to grade school here. I wanted the same thing for Elliott. Clearly the school has changed and I\’m sad that Elliott won\’t get this experience. It just means we have to find that experience somewhere else. Thanks


I know you are hurt and disappointed, but it is their loss. I feel sorry for all the students at that school who will never get to know Elliott.


Beth, that\’s how we are choosing to look at this. Elliott will brighten any school he attends and I\’m saddened that he will have to leave his friends behind. Hopefully we will get something figured out. Thanks again. ;-(


That should have been a smiley face and not a frowny face. 😉 autocorrect how I hate thee.