Fruits and Veggies any way possible

One of the most difficult parts of raising 3 boys in the spectrum for us is their diet.  Emmett has food allergies so he’s restricted and everyone else has texture issues with foods. 

I’m always worried about their diets being balanced or healthy enough. Personally,  I love fruit but hate most veggies.  I have taken to making smoothies in order to get my intake of veggies up.  I tried this approach with the boys but it was usually a no go,  with the exception of Gavin.

However,  yesterday Emmett decided to help me make my smoothie.  Here is what we added:

Collard Greens
Green beans
Flax meal
Red grapes
Soy milk

We blended it all up and Emmett actually drank it.  Hey was however,  insistent about drinking it out of a measuring cup but I figured,  whatever works…right. 

I think the key here is letting him help make it.  He the becomes excited to drink it.  I usually make this smoothie everyday for myself except I typically add yogurt to the mix.  I switch fruits and veggies but the ones I use are consider super fruits for the most part.

Elliott is way more picky and doesn’t like the look of the smoothie.  However,  I’ll keep working on that with him. Gavin on the other hand can’t get enough. So we move a few small step forward and I can live with that.


– Lost and Tired

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Looks like he enjoyed! Have you ever taken them to a farmer’s market? Maybe picking out the produce would make it a little more fun.

Great idea, so glad it’s working for you. I wish I could get my son on board with that, but we’ve tried and while he is happy to make stuff, he won’t touch it with a 10 ft pole. For now we just stick to gummy vitamins and fortified cereal.