It was good while it lasted

We have company today. So we made the attempt to get Emmett dressed.  Well he made it about an hour and a half before he just couldn’t take it anymore.

He comes downstairs and takes his shirt off.  Then his shoes and socks fell to the floor,  followed his pants.

Once again Emmett,  leaves his calling card.


– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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It was okay with us 🙂 He's cute so we can let it go! HAHAHAHAHA


my son removes his clothes all the time and just wants to be down to the basics. Now my 4 year old wants to do it too. They are Captain and mate underpants lol Haven't found anything to help with that yet…


If you figure anything out please let me know and I\’ll do the same. It would be nice to find a solution. 😉


reminds me of a great song '' who wants to wear shoes by brady rymer

Amy Knox

Heehee we took Johnny to the water park last week, his sister started getting dressed so we could leave the swimming area (clothes OVER her bathing suit!) I turned around and Johnny had his bathing suit off and was in the process of pulling off his underwear! In front of God and EVERY one of the 1000 people at Carowinds! Who needs clothes? My daughter said her friends aren't really comfortable spending the night because waking up (way too early) with a naked 12 year old standing over them kinda creeps them out! Life with an autistic kid…a laugh a minute.

Rhiannon Fieri

Heh. At the last birthday party he attended (, Ash's friend R-'s mom apologized to us for putting FP through the "trauma" of having to see one of his best friends naked — she was being changed out of her bathing suit at the party-spot in the park, not in the changing rooms. It was like, oh hell, FP doesn't understand why ANYONE bothers with clothes. (Well, unless they involve something like a sparkly blue dragon, of course, but then, if having stuff on your skin didn't feel weird, he'd be happy to apply those to himself without the need for clothing, too.) I mean, he's in a phase right now, thankfully, when getting him to keep clothes (except socks) on….even get them on in the first place….isn't TOO too hard — it comes and goes — but even so, clothing in general holds a lot more potential for trauma, in his book, than nakedness in general does.

I know it's not always "the answer", but have you tried:… ?
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