I turned 33 today. -

I turned 33 today.

Today is my birthday,  my 33rd birthday to be exact.  I never envisioned my life going in this direction.  However,  I wouldn’t trade places with anyone…..ever. 

We don’t much planned for today as we will be pretty busy.  Gavin will be at Akron Children’s Hospital again today.  He is having a follow up with immunology.  They want to check him out and make sure his body is handling the antibody infusion ok. 
As I mentioned before,  Gavin now has tremors but we’re not sure if it’s related to the infusion.

Overall,  he seems to have handled it well.. I’d say that’s a positive thing.

After Akron Children’s Hospital Emmett has therapy.  I know there is something else going on but I can’t for the life of me remember. Anyway,  I have some catching up to do on the blog and hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that….

I also have another give-a-way for you as well.  This one is pretty big.  How does a weighted blanket sound? What about a custom built weighted blanket sound?  This blanket will be custom built specifically for your child’s sensory needs. The blankets value is $200 and I’m giving one away. More to come very soon.

That’s all for now.  We have to be on our way very soon. Have a great day.

– Lost and Tired

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Happy Birthday – if I were closer I'd give you a night out – with your wife for your birthday! 🙁 Perhaps you should contact the US Navy and talk to them about getting us orders up there! lol 😉 <3 You


That would be really cool. Not to sound like an idiot but do you guys have to live on a coast somewhere. Are there bases inland? Until you move up here, I\’ll take a rain check 😉 thanks alot Nikky. Say hello to Chris and the kids.


LOL well he could go back to boot camp 😉 which is in Chicago. I think that's probably as close as we would get. :/ at this point in his career, unless Chris changes his job to a more "boat specific" job he (we) won't be on a boat. So there is always a possiblity we could get stationed inland. 😉 Example: if he is able to change to the job he wants (I'll email you about it later….) to then there is a possiblity we could get stationed in Oklahoma lol.

Tired Mom

Happy Birthday! You and my hubby are only a year apart (he's older). Funny how our lives don't go the way we planned, but we're still happy. Life is funny that way =)
My recent post I'm Walking for Autism and Need Your Help!


Thank you. You are absolutely correct about life. Not always the expected path but always worth the adventure.

Happy birthday and God Bless 🙂

Onyx Panthyr

Happy b-day, Rob. 🙂


Thank you very much

Happy Birthday! 🙂


Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day 🙂


Happy Birthday Rob!


Thank you Julia 😉

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