Bloodwork Wednesday -

Bloodwork Wednesday

Today has been a busy day and I’m only half way done. This has been an a-typical day because 2 of our 3 boys needed bloodwork today. 

Elliott had a bunch of blood drawn this morning to test for the genetic immunological disorder Gavin was recently diagnosed with……  Also extensive allergy testing will be done as well. This sucked because I had to hold him down.  This took me back to his days in the NICU.  I think it was also the smell of the hand sanitizer.  Ever since he was in the NICU I have associated that very specific smell with the weeks we spent there. 

Gavin is having is regular,  weekly,  medication related blood draw as well. He also is having follow up on some worrisome labs dealing with his bones and liver.

It would be really nice if these could all come back negative or positive…whichever would be good news.

– Lost and Tired

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